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LyfeMD application

LyfeMD for Patients

Harness the power of nutrition and lifestyle to lead a healthier, happier life.

LyfeMD for patients
LyfeMD for professionals

LyfeMD for Professionals

We believe that knowledge builds the power to change.

LyfeMD for professionals

LyfeMD for Partners

Offer your patients the edge of evidence and eliminate the research to practice gap.

LyfeMD for partners
LyfeMD Partners
LyfeMD app - features

LyfeMD helps people harness the power of nutrition and lifestyle to lead healthier, happier lives. The strength of the LyfeMD program is the team of people we have brought together to provide you with this innovative program. They are driven to help you make the right choices because you now have cutting-edge evidence at your fingertips. We have pushed the boundaries to provide an easy to use solution that enhances the level of care our patients receive safely, even if it means challenging conventional wisdom. This app is designed to help you, our patients, you are at the heart of everything we do.


Developed by gastroenterologists, hepatologists and registered dietitians


Disease specific nutrition plans and recipes tailored to goals


Behaviour change tools to enhance adherence and mental health


Yoga, breathing and mindfulness programs to lower stress and improve sleep and wellness


Tailored physical activity programs


Educational content and Q&A sessions delivered by experts

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