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The LyfeMD app takes the latest diet and lifestyle research and puts it into an easy to follow, evidence-based program. By helping you maximize your digestive health you can feel better and improve your overall health.

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All of the lifestyle therapies offered in the LyfeMD app are based on evidence gathered from the literature or evaluated in our research collaboration of excellence called “ASCEND”. ASCEND is based in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. On this site you can also find out about the research studies we are currently recruiting for and see some of our completed study’s results.

Partners who would like to help us continue to study diet and lifestyle evidence-based therapies can also get more information about us at the ASCEND website. We are always looking for partners to work with and expand knowledge of the link between nutrition, mindfulness-based therapies, physical activity and digestive diseases. We believe these strong partnerships help us be truly cutting edge and lead the research field in comprehensive lifestyle-based therapies for digestive diseases.

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