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Navigating life with IBS, IBD, NAFLD, or Arthritis can often feel like an uphill battle, but you’re not alone. At LyfeMD, we genuinely understand the difficulties you face daily, and we’re committed to walking this health journey with you. Recognizing the distinct needs of each individual, we’ve crafted specialized coaching packages. These packages aim to enhance your health management effectively, providing you with personalized guidance and support that empathize with your condition.

LyfeMD Coaching Pro Package

First on the line is the LyfeMD Coaching Pro Package, a tailor-made offering available at just $50 per month. 

This package includes:

  • Two 20-Minute Coaching Sessions Per Month: Your dedicated LyfeMD coach, accessible via phone or online/video chat, will guide you through your customized health plan, helping refine lifestyle changes and track your progress during these targeted one-on-one consultations.
  • Unlimited Coach Support via Chat: Never feel left in the dark with round-the-clock chat support from your LyfeMD coach. Whether it’s a minor query or a larger concern, our coaches are ready to provide real-time assistance.

Our Coaching Pro Package is designed for effectiveness – most users report feeling better within the first month of engaging with their coach. Regular check-ins with your health coach not only encourage adherence to personalized health plans but also aid in early identification of potential health issues, offering continuous motivation and accountability.

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Total Care Coaching Package

We also offer the LyfeMD Total Care Coaching Package at $100 per month for those seeking even more personal attention and support. This package provides:

  • Four 20-Minute Coaching Sessions Per Month: Enjoy double the amount of face-to-face time with your LyfeMD coach each month. This enhanced interaction ensures you stay on track with your health goals while optimizing your lifestyle changes and progress tracking.
  • Unlimited Coach Support via Chat: Similar to the Premium package, the Total Care package also comes with limitless chat access to your LyfeMD coach for real-time support and guidance.

Again, we’re delighted to share that most Total Care users experience noticeable improvements within the first month of their coaching journey. The frequent coaching sessions foster even stronger adherence to health plans, allowing for rapid identification of potential issues and ongoing encouragement.

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In a nutshell, both the LyfeMD Premium and Total Care Coaching Packages are more than just services – they’re your committed health partners. Whether you choose the Premium or Total Care Package, you’re setting yourself up for success in your transition to a healthier lifestyle, all with the assurance of continued support and achievable goals.

Begin your transformation with LyfeMD’s dedicated coaching packages today. A healthier you is just a click away.