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Let’s face it we all have good days and bad days. Not feeling well can make the bad days feel like they will never end. In one of our studies, 46% of people with ulcerative colitis reported their mood affected their relationships and how much they could accomplish every day. So what is something you can do right now to improve your mood?

Mood boost needed anyone? Let’s get thinking.

1) Make a mental list of actions you have taken in the past that have helped improve your mood. A few examples might be going for a walk or phoning a friend.

2) Ask yourself: “The last time I felt like this, what helped me feel better?”

These things are your personal mood boosters.

Take action now

  • Choose the easiest mood booster activity from the list you came up with above.
  • Plan it for today, put it in your schedule and tell yourself you are doing this to take care of yourself.

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