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Thirteen million Canadians live with digestive health conditions that will benefit from LyfeMD

LyfeMD is a health app designed by clinicians for their patients. It removes the guesswork from lifestyle change so patients have the knowledge, skills and consistent support to improve their physical and mental health. There is no comparable solution in the market.

LyfeMD Partners, become a partner

LyfeMD is an evidence-based tool supported by health care providers.

Effective lifestyle therapies target improving diet, mental health and physical activity. Often patients are not provided with evidence-based tools supported by their health care providers to implement lifestyle changes into their lives. As a result, they may rely on variable quality internet resources or word of mouth, with little support on their journey.

LyfeMD is a mobile app that provides a wellness solution personalized to individual needs. This program meets people in their comfort zone and does not require an all or nothing approach. We focus on where people are at. Each person gets to choose what behaviours they can easily accomplish to build their confidence and wellness. This includes specific diets for health conditions, yoga, breathing and mindfulness programs, physical activity programs and weekly activities designed to improve mental health and behaviour change. Patients can also choose whether or not they want regular support from a LyfeMD health coach as they implement these new changes.

Cutting-Edge Science

All aspects of LyfeMD are based on cutting-edge science. There is no delay between research and practice.

LyfeMD therapies are being studied as part of our research group “Ascend” Ascend has received millions in research funding to identify effective lifestyle solutions to improve digestive diseases.

Published studies tell a new story, making lifestyle changes can make a big difference in the lives of patients. We have shown in our work specific diets can help the microbiome change to decrease inflammation in the system. We have also shown structured yoga, breathing and meditation programs improve mental health outcomes.

Recently, out of 41 gastroenterologists surveyed 100% agreed they would like to offer LyfeMD to their patients after they had a chance to try the app themselves.

Partner with LyfeMD

Partner with us to get this into the hands of patients who need these therapies. Patients have already waited too long for a proven solution. Bring them to LyfeMD.

If the LyfeMD app does not currently include a health condition your company would like to target we can work with you to adapt the lifestyle therapy programs to meet the needs of your patients. This can be done for both research studies and patient support programs.

Our Leadership Team

Our story begins with over 200 publications, thousands of presentations and 60 years of combined experience with patients promoting change using the power of a healthy lifestyle. Our founders include two leading gastroenterologists, Drs. Maitreyi Raman and Puneeta Tandon and a registered dietitian, Dr. Lorian Taylor. These three are dedicated to using nutrition, yoga therapies, physical activity and proven behaviour change tools to promote well-being for themselves and their patients.

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