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LyfeMD for Inflammatory Arthritis

“What can I do to help treat my Inflammatory Arthritis beyond standard medical management?"

Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis are chronic diseases that affect both joints and other organ systems. Medications are frequently used to help keep symptoms under control. Still some patients continue to struggle. Like other inflammatory diseases, there are no known cures.

LyfeMD - Inflammatory Arthritis

Patients are keen to empower themselves with information to self-manage their disease.

People with these forms of arthritis may have:

  • higher rates of anxiety, depression, and stress, and
  • challenges with sleep, fatigue, pain and quality of life.

New research supports diet used with medical therapy may help manage inflammatory arthritis. Lower intakes of dietary fiber, and higher intake of fat and sugar, can increase weight gain and change the bacteria that live in the gut. These changes in the gut bacteria are thought to worsen symptoms of arthritis. Diet studies focused on better management of arthritis symptoms have shown improvements in symptoms and quality of life. However, diet therapies in inflammatory arthritis are not typically discussed in routine medical care.

LyfeMD for Inflammatory Arthritis

LyfeMD bridges the gap between clinic visits and empowers you to self-manage your disease

We think you should try LyfeMD because:

  1. LyfeMD has designed a program to help you add anti-inflammatory diet principles to help you manage your disease. This diet is based on current evidence.
  2. LyfeMD has programs to improve your well-being. These programs guide you through yoga, breathing, and mindfulness activities to meet your needs. All the activities are designed for people who have sore joints and limited movement.
  3. The LyfeMD physical activity program can be built into your life one movement at a time to help build strength.
  4. If you struggle with feeling alone or want to build more positive thoughts our behaviour change tools can help.
  5. As you make your way through our programs you will have the support of a LyfeMD coach to help you stay motivated and consistent, and you will have access to LyfeMD health experts if you have questions or doubts.

Knowledge builds the power to change

You now know that you have the power to improve your disease! LyfeMD will help you take your health and wellness to new heights.

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