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LyfeMD for NAFLD

“What can I do to help treat my non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)”? Is there anything I should be doing to protect my liver?

Patients are often surprised when their doctor delivers the unexpected news of liver disease. Patients with NAFLD rarely have liver related symptoms, and commonly this condition is identified by abnormalities seen on blood work, done for routine purposes. Understandably, when confronted with news of liver disease, there are mixed responses of surprise, fear, and many questions about the diagnosis. Patients may wonder what this diagnosis means, how and if it can be treated, and next steps of action.

LyfeMD application for NAFLD patients

LyfeMD is here to support your journey as a patient, to improve your health, your disease and your wellness.

NAFLD is a common condition, affecting over 20% of people in Canada and the United States. While it is unsettling to have been diagnosed with liver disease, fortunately, NAFLD is treatable when it is diagnosed early. With commitment to therapy, it can reduce the risks of progression to advanced liver disease almost completely!

People living with overweight or obesity, high blood sugar or high levels of fats in their blood, particularly triglycerides, are at higher risk for developing NAFLD. Other risk factors include diet, lower engagement in physical activity, and mental health concerns such as poor mood or depression. Lifestyle management is the cornerstone treatment to improve your liver disease. However, lifestyle treatment is hard without support systems.

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
LyfeMD for NAFLD

LyfeMD will empower you to make changes in your lifestyle, and provide you with support to maintain changes.

Through a customized dietary program developed just for you, you will receive a dietary plan that will help you start your journey to heal your liver. A personalized wellness program, will be able to support your wellness, mood and sleep which will help you reinforce your commitment to health. You will be able to choose physical activity programs that will help you with weight management and muscle development, which are protective to the liver.Each step of the way you will have the support of a LyfeMD coach to help you stay motivated and consistent, and you will have access to LyfeMD health experts if you have questions or doubts.

LyfeMD empowers you to change

Has your doctor suggested you need to lose weight to improve your liver disease? Have you felt frustrated by lack of knowledge, lack of resources, or lack of motivation to do this effectively? The LyfeMD program will make this process simple for you, using state of the art science. Optional personal health coaching services will support you to navigate challenges and achieve your goals. Feel confident that you are engaging with the highest quality resources to result in success. Take your health into your own hands with LyfeMD.

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