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“What can I do to help treat my condition? Is there anything different I should be eating?"

As Health professionals, we hear this sentence every day when we see our patients. In a busy practice, struggling with time demands, a lack of specific nutrition training and the lack of ready access to allied health professionals, the answers we are able to provide to our patients in the area of nutrition, exercise and mental wellness are often insufficient, leaving us wishing we could do more.

LyfeMD for professionals


Canadians live with digestive health conditions


of the patients coming into your office will have non-alcohol related fatty liver disease

Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

“What diet therapy makes a difference for my Crohn’s patients? How can I help improve mental wellness for my patients?”

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

“How can I support my patients with evidence-based tools? Can patients actually change their behaviour?”

Inflammatory Arthritis

“What diet therapy makes a difference for my Ulcerative Colitis patients? How can I help improve mental wellness for my patients?”

LyfeMD is here to support you and the patients you serve, with some of the most common conditions we face today.

Emerging data demonstrates that diet has the power to reduce disease activity and relapse, yet again, very few patients know about how to integrate these specialized diets into their daily lives. Similarly, although the microbiome and microbiome health are key buzzwords, with a multitude of disease states being associated with “dysbiosis”, and nutrition being the single most powerful intervention that impacts these microbiome alterations, most practitioners have limited information about nutrition to promote microbiome health.

At LyfeMD, we have developed scientific nutrition and overall wellness programs that remove the guesswork, supporting health and wellness in all three of these conditions.

LyfeMD for professionals

Knowledge builds the power to change

When you offer the LyfeMD program to your patients, you provide them with high-quality information that is evidence-based, designed and approved by licensed medical professionals. The programs we offer are transformational, cutting edge and shaped by real-time research. Feel confident you are providing the highest level of care possible by using the LyfeMD program.

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